Studio and final

haven’t posted on here for a while, and I feel that I need too.

So for my studio I wanted to take images of Vanitas and creating images that are more modern and not what we consider to be Vanitas.

Within regards to my final I think I’ll take more images of Age UK and mix up the concept a bit more, I wish I had the confidence I need right now but I think It’ll come back again soon hopefully.

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First of my final images


I’m really pleased with how this image turned out. I’m not to keen on my second product image but there’s not much I can do about it now apart from print and hope for the best!


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First studio session..

This was the first shoot for my product shot, in this session I was shooting my Yankee candle which I bought with all my props. After not being in the studio all summer it was quite nice to get back in their and start shooting again. It took me a while to get back in to the swing of things and had a bit of a paddy at the beginning when something didn’t go my way but hey ho that’s me 🙂

Took me a while to set up my props and position everything where I wanted it to go and where I thought it looked best, a few times when I did this the lights decided they wanted to move into a different position what a nightmare. In the end i didn’t bother using my christmas decorations I had bought as I felt that it looked to cluttered and looked like to much was going on! My fake snow worked a treat and i’m really glad I purchased a chopping board to stand everything on as I didn’t just want to plonk it on the table, and hey a chopping board the mother can use after, what a bonus! Anyway I won’t write to much down as that’s what my workbooks for but I did manage to take a few pictures on my phone rubbish quality so be warned but it’s just to give you an idea of the set up.  I’ll pop a few others in which I like off my camera up in another post soon, so here’s a sneaky peak!




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Materials and other such things…

Went on a hunt the other week for various materials for my shoot and had a bit of a spending spree in Wilkinsons christmas bargain aisle! If you haven’t been I suggest you go look in there and there’s some cool stuff! Myself purchased some fake snow for £2! who knew you could even get it for that price?! Also I managed to get some fake holly, fairy lights and a few christmas decorations as well as my Yankee Candle at the not so cheap price of £17.99 i’m quite distraught if i’m honest! but that’s the price you pay if you want a good image, but that’s yet to be known…. Studio session from today will be up very soon.

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Well The inspiration, or lack of it from these pictures i’ve just found on google show that I need to put in alot of effort into my images what i’m going to create seen as these are quite shoddy, i’m feeling a lack of inspiration right now, where could it of gone?
Festive Jars

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Onwards and upwards with Studio….

So for my studio brief i’ve finally come up with two ideas in which i’m going to run with! The Genre of studio photography I have chosen to do is product. The reason I have chosen to work with this specific genre is because I feel that there is lots of different ways and routes you can go down to express yourself and the product you are working with.

The two products I have chosen are Yankee Candle and Yorkshire Tea. The reason I have chosen these two products is because I’m going to run with a theme for both of them. With the yankee candle i’m going to use a Christmas themed candle and go with the contents of that candle, for example ”Christmas cookie” I’d use cookies to spread around the jar and create a sense of warmth within the image. When I was trying to figure out what other props I could use within my shoot I came up with a list in which I wrote down and I managed to dwindle it down to the ones In which I thought would be good to use within my shoot.

Props in which I will using within this shoot are as follows;
Fairy lights
Chopping board – this is used for standing the Candle jar on
Red gels to create warmth
Table to rest my props on
Table cloth

For my other product Yorkshire Tea I will be carrying on the theme but this type it will be on the theme of being British. For my set I have decided to make it look quite homely, I’ve bought wallpaper to use for a background so It looks like it’s based in a tea room sort of environment, I’ve also purchased some British bunting to also place within the set. The way in which i’ve envisioned my set up to be like is with a table with a table cloth placed on top with a tea set also placed on top of the table with the Yorkshire Tea packet placed within the scene, the whereabouts of that I don’t know yet it will just fit were I think it will look best.

The reason I’ve chosen to do these two products in particular is because they are two of my favourite things, who can go wrong with a good brew and a nice smelling candle eh? but no seriously I wanted to incorporate things I liked to hopefully get a good set of images in the end. After some deliberation i’ve decided i’m going to try to do it so it look’s like an advertisement for both of these products, why i’ve decided to do this is because I wanted it to look professional and look like its something in which a client would want me to do and something in which they want.

My description of this probably doesn’t give you a good idea of what i’m trying to achieve but I find it hard to write out what i’m going to be doing properly as sometimes things do change, but further posts will show the work i’ve created and the changes in which i’ve made when creating my images.

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Assignments, assignments, assignments

This can only mean one thing, we are now back at work and ready to kick off the new year with new assignment briefs in which we have been set!

These include Studio choosing from 4 different genres. These are Portraiture, Fashion Food and Product and for the second assignment we will be doing Landscape within the categories to choose from are Photo essay and Documentary. I’m really looking forward to starting these 2 assignments as I already have ideas for each one which i’m really excited for! I won’t give too much away as I want to build this blog up bit by bit but i’ve chosen Product for my Studio based brief and a Photo Essay for my Landscape. Although I  say i’ve picked what I want to do this could change as i’m quite indecisive so watch this space!

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